A Review About Visalus meal replacement

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Published: 10th January 2011
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Have you ever tried going on a liquid diet? It's demanding right?

First, there's the taste of a liquid shake or the lack of. Then, you find out that once you get used to the taste of the meal replacement shake, you are left with.....appetite for food! All right, so most diet shakes out on the market taste dull. How do I know? I've used them all. Look, when you come to my age and still trying to burn fat and you've been doing this since the age of 15, place confidence in me you have tested every diet known to man or woman. Even Slim Fast, that is already pre-made in shake form tastes powdery and the film left over inside every crack in your mouth is covered with a heavy cover of chalk. At least that's what it always felt like to me. Then I had to deal with the result of consuming that powdery liquid. The bloating, the agonizing gas and followed by the diarrehea.

The thought is that a comple meal in the form of a diet shake should make shedding pudge really easy! The actuality is, it's not. Most meal replacement shakes don't taste pleasant, the cause all those cruel symptoms that I detailed above and make you think that all those symptoms are aiding you lose weight. Most liquid shakes don't control hunger, don't burn fat and assuredly have very little protein. Then there's the mental aspect of being on a weight loss. Nearly all people start excited at the commencement of a diet very sure that this time they are going to "stick" to it. Drinking a chalky shake makes it very hard on someone to "stick" with it. How long before you throw in the towel and then you beat yourself up because you quit? Don't do it. Don't beat yourself up with guilt.

Here to save you from the powdery liquid diets is the Visalus vi-shake. It is not only good tasting, non-chalky but comes with so many beneficial attributes that will leave you guessing if you're on a weight loss diet or are you having a fantastic tasting shake as a dessert? The Vi-Shake smells heavenly and tastes like a cake mix. The base powder can easily be mixed with water, juice, skim milk or soy milk. I know some people mix it with oatmeal and make protein cookies out of it! How great is that?? There is a very slim possibility of boredom with this diet because of the variety in tastes that can be induced with the mix-ins in flavors such as strawberry, chocolate, orange and peach (which fyi also have health benefits of their own).

Once you become aware about the breathtaking benefits of the protein shake, like controlling hunger and burning fat, it makes it so easy to "stick" to it. Once you have tried the Visalus vi shake for a few days, you will wake up every day looking forward to having it because of the ease of mixing it briskly but also because you begin to feel something amazing happening inside your digestive system. You feel healthy and great. So ponder about it, will it be chalky or cake mix for you?

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